BIA Obesity website launched

The newly launched BIA Obesity website will showcase information related to healthy food and food choice environments, as part of the STOP project. It will provide information on the polices and commitments of the largest European food companies related to […]

STOP meeting 14 March: NCD-RisC and COSI collaborators

On the 14th of March, STOP and the WHO will be convening a meeting in London of NCD-RisC and COSI collaborators from a range of European countries and will be discussing various approaches to establishing a surveillance system on BMI […]

STOP is off to a healthy start: Read our first newsletter

The first STOP newsletter has been released! Learn more about the project, its websites and social media channels, and how the project fits within wider efforts to STOP obesity, poor diets and lack of physical activity in children. You will also […]

An unprecedented European investment to fight obesity

The EU and its Member States are making an unprecedented investment in research aimed at supporting policies to improve diet and physical activity, especially in children. The STOP project is one of three major European efforts, along with CO-CREATE (Confronting […]

Take part in the STOP project

The STOP stakeholders’ survey On behalf of the STOP project consortium, we would like to invite those with an interest in the topic of childhood obesity to engage in a participatory process aimed at informatively exploring the most effective ways […]

Does childhood obesity have a “molecular signature”?

STOP is working hard to learn more about the molecular signature of childhood obesity. Initial analyses have integrated “omic” information at four biological layers (epigenetic marks, gene transcripts, proteins and metabolites) to understand the biological mechanisms associated with birthweight in […]

STOP: Getting attention internationally

Though the project only started last summer, STOP has been presented at important events covering obesity, nutrition and health, as well as online. News of the project launch was distributed by project partners among their networks, and got picked up […]

STOP consortium members launch landmark obesity report

Tim Lobstein of the World Obesity Federation and Professor Boyd Swinburn of the University of Auckland, both partners in the STOP project, were part a team of international consortium of experts who made up Lancet Commission on Obesity, which recently […]

STOP is online!

The project website The STOP website ( went online in October 2018. A one-page scrolling website containing links to news, downloads and deliverables, its goal is to raise awareness of the project and explain how STOP is addressing the issue […]