STOP is giving young people a Healthy Voice

Healthy voices logoHealthy Voices, a website aimed at young people to engage and talk with them about childhood obesity, will soon be online!

Young people today represent the largest part of the population globally. Increasingly, we are seeing that young people want their voices heard. However, true and lasting positive impacts on youth health, including those related to weight and obesity, will not only need to include young people’s input, perspective and suggestions; the leadership of young people themselves needs to be part of the answer. For this reason, the World Obesity Federation has created a website that will provide young people with the necessary knowledge and advocacy tools to promote their engagement in addressing health-related challenges.

Healthy Voices will simultaneously exploit the results and learning from both the STOP and CO-CREATE projects, and sustain youth engagement. It is an educational, capacity-building platform and provides a space for blogs and discussions. It aims to provide young people with tools and expertise that can help them shape their environments and become agents of change.

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