Take part in the STOP project

The STOP stakeholders' survey

STOP surveyOn behalf of the STOP project consortium, we would like to invite those with an interest in the topic of childhood obesity to engage in a participatory process aimed at informatively exploring the most effective ways to tackle childhood obesity, as we would like to better understand the views of a range of stakeholders on the challenges of childhood obesity in the EU.

Each answer will provide a more complete insight into these challenges, and so we strongly encourage you to participate in the survey: https://www.1ka.si/a/199999.

Completing the survey will take approximately 20 minutes, and your responses will feed into recommendations for EU childhood obesity policy.

The STOP stakeholders' network

STOP network consent formThe STOP stakeholders' network will bring together key actors from the health, physical activity, food and nutrition sectors, along with other relevant actors, to promote a shared understanding of the challenges and necessary joint actions to define and implement solutions for childhood obesity. The network will enable broad, inclusive, engaging and transparent stakeholder participation in different STOP processes, as it is important to incorporate the concepts and knowledge of all different stakeholder categories into research and knowledge translation processes, thereby increasing the relevance of the STOP outputs and recommendations.

We kindly invite you to join the STOP stakeholders’ network, which will allow you to stay informed about STOP activities and receive invitations to STOP events.

To become part of the STOP network, please fill in the application form available at https://www.1ka.si/a/194680.

It is important that we get the cooperation of stakeholders, as the views of specific organisations are very much distinct from one another. By collaborating, participants will make a significant contribution to the quality of the data collected, to the reliability of the results, and to the applicability of the STOP recommendations.

Benefits of engaging

The current EU Action Plan on childhood obesity is set to expire in 2020, with the possibility for a new strategic framework to be defined. Lessons learned from the STOP project, including through the stakeholder engagement process, can be proposed as input for the EU's future strategic engagement in the area. Likewise, good practice policies and actions identified under STOP may be shared through the Best Practice Portal, offering the possibility to propose your projects and activities for assessment and potential inclusion.

Joining the STOP stakeholders' network will provide the opportunity to flexibly share your expertise and views on different areas relevant to fighting obesity as a multidimensional challenge, also by joining STOP conferences and events. You will also receive the latest in-depth and practical insights on the topic of tackling childhood obesity, including those from the CO-CREATE project.

More information

For further details on the project and the stakeholder engagement process, please contact us at stop@nijz.si or stop-management@imperial.ac.uk.