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STOP’s Partner Projects – PEN, JA Best-ReMaP and CO-CREATE

Through innovative and rigorous research methods, STOP partner projects aim to generate new evidence and develop robust and sustainable findings, recognising that current interventions to curb the rise in child and adolescent obesity have failed. […]

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Impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on physical fitness and prevalence of obesity in children

Scientific projects like STOP are in their essence endeavours, characterised by clear goals, rigorously selected methods, and meticulous planning. However, the true quality of scientific work is also evident in its ability to respond to […]

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Cost, Equity and Acceptability of Soft Drinks Taxes to Prevent Child Obesity

Countries worldwide have committed to a zero increase in obesity by 2025. To meet this commitment, governments are encouraged to promote healthy behaviours and reshape obesogenic environments through a variety of population-wide policies. Taxing sugar-sweetened […]

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