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STOP consortia members join WHO Guideline Development Groups to support the management of infant, childhood, and adolescent obesity

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Lobstein and Prof Paulina Nowicka, who, have been invited to support World Health Organization (WHO) 13th General Programme! Over the last decade, childhood and adolescent obesity has risen dramatically worldwide, and […]

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World Obesity Day 2021: Every body needs everybody, and this includes youth

2020 has shown that many aspects of our health are not only determined by ourselves, but are often shaped by the society we live in. COVID-19 has highlighted the treat obesity poses to us as […]

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New report on the STOP stakeholders’ engagement work

In 2019, we held the first STOP stakeholder conference where we presented the results and insights from a survey disseminated earlier in the year. The objective of this survey was to get a better understanding […]

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