New report on the STOP stakeholders’ engagement work

In 2019, we held the first STOP stakeholder conference where we presented the results and insights from a survey disseminated earlier in the year. The objective of this survey was to get a better understanding of stakeholders’ views and positions and get feedback on the project processes and outcomes. The first dialogue generated different concepts to be analysed and discussed in depth in the next steps, including concepts of power, transparency and trust, the importance of evidence and different definitions and perceptions of the evidence, political will and empowerment, and equity issues.

Almost one year later, in October 2020, we held the second dialogue, which was framed around three core themes:

  1. Health system stakeholder diversity and policies in supporting childhood obesity solutions
  2. Social marketing measures, approaches and tools in reducing childhood obesity
  3. Physical activity policies in supporting the maintenance of a healthy body weight and in reducing obesity in childhood

Read the full report from the dialogue as well as some of the emerging recommendations here