STOP – second stakeholder survey

STOP WP10 aims to support the project policy work packages (four to eight) in understanding the stakeholder’s landscape in nutrition, physical activity, and childhood obesity in the EU and attitudes of different stakeholders’ groups towards the reviewed STOP obesity policies. Furthermore, the goal of WP10 is to create opportunities in which multiple stakeholders can work together towards the common aim of improving children´s food and physical activity environments. To achieve this, NIJZ and WP10 partners have implemented several actions to date.

To analyse the network of involved stakeholders and its characteristics and aliases, stakeholders were invited to take part in the first stakeholder survey. The survey was circulated between February and April 2019. The stakeholder survey and the first STOP stakeholder event informed a ‘Social Network Analysis Report’, delivered to the European Commission in May 2020. The main findings from the STOP First Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialog (held in Brussels in September 2019) have confirmed the validity of results from the first stakeholder survey and informed the future direction of work for WP10.

A Second Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Dialogues was organized in October 2020, in which new concepts emerged from the discussion with stakeholders (e.g., fatigue – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, info-demic issues, shared goals,).

Based on all gathered information and concepts from the first stakeholder survey and both meetings with stakeholders, the WP10 team in cooperation with partners of the STOP project has prepared a second stakeholder survey. The survey aims to collect the views of a variety of stakeholders on the challenge of childhood obesity in the European Union (EU).

You can participate in the second stakeholder questionnaire and fill out the anonymous STOP stakeholder survey here. This should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

For further details on the project and stakeholder engagement process, please contact us at or