Promoting positive food environments with nutrition labeling

Nutrition labeling categoriesWorld Obesity’s new policy dossier focuses on the implementation of front-of-pack nutrition labelling across Europe. Through a compilation of evidence, the dossier aims to support policymakers, NGOs and other stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of front-of-pack nutrition policies. Overall, the evidence highlights that front-of-pack nutrition labelling could be an effective policy tool to help promote positive food environments and support consumers in making better and informed food choices. Within the context of the European Union regulatory framework, World Obesity also highlights a series of considerations for policymakers, CSOs and other stakeholders when developing and implementing front-of-pack nutrition labelling policies, including:

  • The need to consider the context, including the dietary patterns, nutritional and health status of the population as well as be informed with regards to the legal framework under which front-of-pack nutrition labelling would be introduced.
  • The need to adopt a standardised front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme to increase the effectiveness of the label and avoid confusion.
  • The need to engage stakeholders when developing the labels, while simultaneously ensuring safeguard processes are in place to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • The need to implement front-of-pack nutrition labelling policies as part of a broader comprehensive policy portfolio.

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