STOP third stakeholder conference and dialogues organised in parallel with the JA Best-ReMaP mid-term conference

The First Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialogue presented the results and insights from the stakeholder’s survey questionnaire, providing insights to participants about the results. Research information on the STOP stakeholder’s engagement process was shared. Furthermore, the characteristics and quality of the stakeholder’s interest groups, as well as characteristics of their participation, were discussed, together with the proposals of future engagement improvements. Participants had the opportunity to discuss topics, policies, and measures related to childhood obesity, focusing on the mode of engaging participation in different processes, actions, and policy measures.

The Second Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Dialogues was an opportunity for participants to meet with other stakeholders, and to discuss the report and outcomes from the first STOP stakeholders’ event and ‘Social Network Analysis Report’.

In 2021, a meeting will be organized during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, organized in parallel with the Joint Action on Best Practices in Nutrition (Best-ReMaP) mid-term conference. The joint conference will take place on 17th and 18th November 2021 with a day dedicated to the STOP project.

To this end, the meeting is designed to improve mutual understanding of stakeholders’ views and positions and to allow research knowledge translation to support policy decision-making implementation.