Submit abstracts for the World Congress on Public Health!

World Public Health Congress in Rome - October 2020This year’s World Congress on Public Health will take place in Rome from the 12-17 October 2020.

Bringing together over 4,000 public health professionals, policy makers and students, this year’s theme for the 16th World Congress on Public Health is “Public Health for the Future of Humanity: Analysis, Advocacy, and Action.” This year’s theme selection “shows the commitment by global public health community in responding to new challenges of climate change, poverty and inequalities that are leading to mass migration and conflict. These new circumstances are also a threat to health.” In an attempt to explore some of these challenges, the Congress will host eight plenary sessions:

  • Plenary 1: What happened to the Enlightenment?
  • Plenary 2: The Earth: A strategy for Survival
  • Plenary 3: Leading the way to a healthier world
  • Plenary 4: The Digital Information Revolution
  • Plenary 5: Health systems fit for the future: promoting better health, economic growth and social cohesion
  • Plenary 6: Revolutionising the Public Health Workforce as Agents of Change
  • Plenary 7: Moving out of the silos
  • Plenary 8: Making a difference

The World Congress on Public Health offers “excellent opportunities to learn from the latest research and practice, to network with experts and colleagues and to expand your professional horizons.” The submission of abstracts is open until March 1, 2020. Additionally, there are also opportunities for 60- or 90-minutes world leadership dialogues and workshops. For more information about the 16th World Congress on Public Health, click here or here.